Deliver the change you seek to make - with even more impact

Introducing The Remarkable Effect Tribe for Tech-entrepreneurs-on-a-mission

The Remarkable Effect Tribe

Is this for you?

If you are a tech-entrepreneur running a business software company and on a mission to do something big and meaningful. This is for you.


The Remarkable Effect Tribe is a structured program (inspired by my book) designed to help you deliver the change you seek to make - with even more impact.

Its secret power? The fact that you’ll be surrounded by dozens of peers: Tech-entrepreneurs/ leaders who think and act like you, on a mission to do something big and meaningful too. People who measure their success by the difference they help their customers create and what that helps their customers become as a consequence,  rather than being obsessed with their own top-/bottom-line. Tech-entrepreneurs that share similar challenges in taking their business to the next level.

This program will be invaluable when you realize the hard work you and your team do doesn't actually pay off in the momentum you aspire. Or worse: when the activities that used to get you momentum no longer do.

The program works best if your software business has a market-tested product and you’re at a crossroad where you've reached a point questioning yourself: ‘What now' or 'what could be?'

If this sounds like you, I invite you to apply.

The Remarkable Tribe comes in three flavors:

The story behind The Remarkable Effect

It was Monday, September 17th, 2017, the day I started my own business. After being employed for 26 years in the business software industry I was determined to help other business software companies enjoy the same transformational effects I’d experienced. And so, a new journey began… 

As I grew the number of contracts with my first customers, delivered my first projects and became the host of my weekly Value Inspiration Podcast, I started to see a disturbing pattern.
I realized many software companies start off around a big idea, solving a sizeable problem. Many of them build a great team around them and are operating at full speed with full energy. However, although many gain traction over the years, the majority hit roadblocks and struggle to create the momentum they dreamt of at the outset.
Many of them don’t get the recognition they deserve for their innovation and the impact that creates. Too often they are not being seen, heard or understood. Sadly, fair or not, most recognition goes to the companies that have the biggest budgets, the loudest voice and are perceived as the ‘safest choice.’

Noticing this, again and again, I felt I was constantly replaying the experiences I encountered myself back in 2005.  Something is broken around the way we define and recognize success. And in order to make this change, I had to step up. That triggered me to write ‘The Remarkable Effect,’ a book revealing the 10 traits that define remarkable software companies. A book tech-entrepreneurs around the world can leverage to be seen, heard and understood and create momentum they are proud of.

Something was missing...

While writing the book I realized there was still something missing. Knowing what to do to become ‘the one’ in your category is one thing. But then it still needs execution. Without execution, no progress. The problem I saw was that tech-entrepreneurs have no shortage of good ideas, but it’s in the execution where things often lose impact. I realized, however, not every software company has the luxury of having all expertise in house, nor the budget to hire those specialists at their leisure.

Over the years I’ve heard hundreds of stories about the things we typically try to improve (myself included). We start working more and harder, read piles of books, we often ask for advice, we hire external consultants to run specific projects, we explore online courses and participate in masterminds.
But somehow, nothing really works or wows us. It is either too generic, too heavy on tactics, too isolated, too much about learning, too little on making big leaps forward. Hardly ever there is real skin in the game. No reinforcement. And while outsourcing gives us speed, it doesn’t give intellectual rigor.

10x impact, 10% of the cost

So, I kept thinking: ‘There must be a different way.’ I challenged myself: ‘What if I could combine the approaches that wow-ed me into one that would deliver a 10x impact, at 10% of the traditional cost, delivered in a way that you’d miss when it’s gone?’

That challenge became the birth of The Remarkable Effect Tribe – An interactive workstream experience optimized for tech-entrepreneurs-on-a-mission to unleash momentum.

Unlike other options you’ve seen and tried before:

  • It’s structured and specific: designed to close the gaps you specifically face around the 10 traits (see below) that define a remarkable software company. Because you should become one yourself.
  • Instead of feeling lost between 1000s of strangers, you’re surrounded with dozens of peers: Tech-entrepreneurs/ leaders who think and act like you, on a mission to do something big and meaningful too.
  • Instead of a course that you do at your leisure, it’s a hands-on, with cadence (a weekly challenge/prompt, polls, a monthly video call for Q&A and guidance, and once and a while a special surprise. The Accelerate and Mastery programs are designed for those you that want to make dedicated progress and value accountability and leveling up within a more exclusive group of peers.
  • It’s dynamic, not fixed – encouraging you to explore new paths, formulate better strategies, learn by doing, creating rather than consuming, gaining new insights and removing the hurdles.
  • Instead of keeping things for yourself, it’s about opening up and leveraging the value of being surrounded by peers: To challenge your assumptions, addressing your specific challenges, receiving and giving generous feedback, and sharpening your thinking.

But most of all, it’s about leveling up and making big steps forward together to advance our cause.

For people like you, who do things like this

As you can see, it’s not for everybody, and that’s on purpose. It’s designed for and devoted to tech-entrepreneurs-on-a-mission. People like us, who want to create change that matters.

I hear you thinking: 'Where would I find the time...'. I challenge you to think again. Sure saying 'No' is a good thing when setting goals, throwing off the unnecessary so you can focus on achieving it. Saying 'No' will help you get things accomplished in the short term, to meet a deadline or target, but it won't find you the breakthrough 'aha!', your next big thing,  idea or approach to unlock the remarkable effect inside your business. For that, you need to say 'Yes'.

'Yes' to making a connection with like-minded peers.

'Yes' to engage in a conversation where you are not the expert.

'Yes' to creating a new habit or trying a new way of working.

'Yes' to collaborating on something new.

This tribe is for you for the reasons I’ve mentioned above, irrespective of the funding or scale stage you're in. It's for you when you are at a crossroad, when you are getting impatient with progress, frustrated with the fact your hard work doesn't pay off in momentum. 

But also, if you believe the number of people that understand you are harder and harder to find. Or when you want to lead again, instead of being led. When you believe your business is undervalued and want to prove the opposite. Or simply if you want to feel what it means to turn customers into fans and be ‘the one’ for the people you seek to change. 

If this sounds like you, I invite you to apply.

You are one step away from becoming a totally different software business. Make 2020 the year where you’ve firmly put momentum behind your software mission. Momentum you’re proud of.

Ps: If you are not sure yet and want to understand how your business actually scores on the 5-star Remarkable Index, simply do the test:

What does the program look like?

The program is structured around the framework I've detailed in my book 'The Remarkable Effect'.  Every month a different trait will be in the spotlight. Through a weekly challenge/prompt I will encourage you to step up and do the thinking that will help you close the gap on that trait, or even raise the bar in your category. 

As said, you're not alone. You'll be accompanied and supported by a cohort of peers who are all on a similar journey. They'll be giving your generous feedback, and will be asking for the same thing from you as well. You'll learn this is one of the most valuable aspects of the tribe - as you'll get many new perspectives and level up by doing. 

You'll be able to test your assumptions and expect to be challenged on them at the same time. You can address your challenges and ask for help, and expect to be asked for your experiences in relation to the challenges of others as well. 

In short: You'll be able to deliver upon the change you seek to make - with even more impact. 

Here are the 10 steps of the program:

The Value Lever - Get Noticed in a dense market

Month / Trait 1: Segmentation: You can’t please everyone.
Clearly define ‘Who are you for, who are you not for?’ Attract the right audience, the one that’s prepared to pay a premium.

Month / Trait 2Offer something valuable and desirable.
Shift the focus on valuable problems, not just the interesting ones. Create a shift in value perspective for your ideal customers - something they’d miss if it was gone.

Month / Trait 3Positioning: Be different; not just better.
Become a business you hear about and cannot get out of your mind. Stand out from the pack, even if you are in a highly commoditized segment of the market. Create differentiation that’s hard to match.

The Volume lever – win more, win bigger

Month / Trait 4: Create momentum.
Optimize alignment across your organization around your big idea/story and differentiation. Create desire and a sense of positive urgency with your ideal customer by building tension between ‘what is’ and ‘what can be.’

Month / Trait 5: Sell the idea, not the product.
Increase your ability to create a shift in (value) perspective amongst your ideal customers i.e. spark their attention with new or different perspectives. Own your big idea within your category – something compelling, clear, sticky and shareable.

Month / Trait 6: Surprise and hit the right nerve.
Increase your ability to hit the right nerve with key decision-makers and sell something aspirational, something your ideal customers to talk about with their peers and want to become part of.

The Viability lever – Increase customer lifetime value

Month / Trait 7: Master the art of curiosity.
Increase your ability to stay relevant in your category and learn to spot opportunities that could be your (next) break-through moment.

Month / Trait 8: Create new value possibilities.
Learn how to take things further and be one step ahead, utilizing new capabilities and technologies in a way that solves your customers’ most significant and evolving problems in fresh ways. Learn how to fight diminishing differentiation and break free from limitations from the past.

Month / Trait 9: Create fans, not just customers.
Learn new ways to deliver beyond the expected expectations, to surprise your customers, and turn them into customers that keep coming back for more and spread the word for you because they want to.

Month / Trait 10: Focus on the essence
Learn how to become resourceful so you always have the fitness level and ability to free up enough resources to ride the next big wave ahead of you. Learn how to make the best bets, and challenge everything that doesn’t move the needle.

When are we finished?

You'll notice that by focusing on 10 traits, the program will spread across 10 months and not 12. That's partly true. It's on purpose. It will give us all the 'breathing space' to build a bit of slack into the program to all be able to pull through. 

But even after 12 months we're not done. Here's why: Becoming remarkable is not a one-off thing. It's a mindset. Our customers change, the market around us changes, we change - and this will require us to constantly keep challenging ourselves. That's what this community is about. 

What it means to stay Remarkable in 2021 is going to be a totally different question. And that's fine. We don't play a finite game. We're on a mission to deliver big and meaningful impact to our customers - it's a moving target. It's part of the infinite game we've chosen to play in. That's where this tribe grows another level of value - with people you trust, people you will become to rely on month after month. People you'd miss if the program would stop.

I look forward to starting the journey with you on closing the gap on each of these traits. Apply now

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