Deliver the change you seek to make - with even more impact

Introducing The Remarkable Effect Tribe for Tech-entrepreneurs-on-a-mission

The Remarkable Effect Tribe

Why should I consider joining?

The future belongs to software companies that create and market products worth making a remark about. 

This is the foundational idea that inspired me to start this tribe:
To help shape the software businesses that rule the future. As such, if you are a tech-entrepreneur running a business software company and on a mission to do something big and meaningful - this is for you.


Too many software companies struggle to create the market impact they aspire. At Value Inspiration, we created a framework to shape the software business your customers would miss if it was gone, and momentum to be proud of.

The Remarkable Effect Tribe is the structured program to execute on it and make this a reality. It's designed to take you on a journey with like-minded peers and achieve results that are hard to achieve on your own. You'll be guided to close the gap on each of the 10 traits that define a Remarkable Software business, and with that deliver the change you seek to make - with more impact.

Its secret power? The fact that you’ll be surrounded by dozens of peers: Tech-entrepreneurs who think and act like you, on a mission to do something big and meaningful too. People who measure their success by the difference and impact they help their customers create, rather than being obsessed with their own top-/bottom-line. People that share similar challenges in taking their business to the next level.

Ton is a force you can count on to awaken your leadership potential. His collaborative DNA helps you inspire you more,  reach higher, and constantly challenges you to think harder and harder. Guiding you to where you are and where you need to be. I have grown more in this tribe than in so many other expensive investments at conferences, or tradeshows, etc.

Cindy Gordon - CEO Saleschoice

Regularly engaging in generous feedback, both giving and getting, with a group of diverse but uniformly smart peers has been invaluable. I have gotten help making very actionable decisions. You can't get that from subordinates, only peers. Ton's leadership on this has been excellent.

Jon Ruby, CEO Jonar

This program will be invaluable when you realize...
...your business not being seen, heard, or understood.
...your sales cycles are too long, win-rates poor, and deal values low.
…your business is not being recognized for the innovation it delivers, and the value that creates.

The program works best if your software business has a market-tested product and you’re at a crossroad: The hard work you and your team do doesn't pay off (anymore) in the momentum you aspire, and you've reached a point questioning yourself: ‘What now' or 'what could be?'

I believe the future belongs to software businesses that create products worth making a remark about. It might as well be yours!

Apply to join. (Free of charge until 31/12/2020)

How is this different from other things I have tried to grow?

From years of experience in the B2B software space, I know how important it is to stand out. To realize you can’t please everyone. To solve a valuable and critical problem, and get the right people talking about you. That’s hard. And it’s not a one-off endeavor. It’s a mindset that has to become part of your DNA. It’s about doing the work that moves the needle and seeing things you’ve become blind for

And that’s hard to do on your own….

So, while writing my book I kept thinking: ‘There must be a different way.’ I challenged myself: ‘What if I could combine the approaches that wow-ed me into one that would deliver a 10x impact, at 10% of the traditional cost, delivered in a way that you’d miss when it’s gone?’

That challenge became the birth of this Tribe.

Unlike other options you’ve seen and tried before:

  • It’s structured and specific: designed to close the gaps you specifically face around the 10 traits (see below) that define a remarkable software company. Because you should become one yourself.
  • Instead of feeling lost between 1000s of strangers, you’re surrounded with dozens of peers: Tech-entrepreneurs/ leaders who think and act like you, on a mission to do something big and meaningful too.
  • It’s dynamic, not fixed – encouraging you to explore new paths, formulate better strategies, learn by doing, creating rather than consuming, gaining new insights, and removing the hurdles.
  • Instead of keeping things for yourself, it’s about opening up and leveraging the value of being surrounded by peers: To challenge your assumptions, addressing your specific challenges, remove your blind-spots, receiving and giving generous feedback, and sharpening your thinking.
  • And for those of you that want to accelerate progress to close the gap on specific traits, dedicated (paid) workstreams are offered where you'll work with an exclusive group of peers. Instead of a course that you do at your leisure, it’s a hands-on, with peer-accountability and networking built-in.

But most of all, it’s about leveling up and making big steps forward together to advance our cause.

The Remarkable Effect Tribe is my go-to weekly session. The real-time questions, ideas and feedback you get from entrepreneurs who have faced similar or bigger challenges recently, makes these discussions really fruitful and actionable. 

I’d highly recommend all entrepreneurs to participate in these sessions and benefit from Ton’s experience as well as the community’s inquisitiveness and its ability to level-up your thought process!

Mayank Mathur, CEO Avasa AI

For people like you, who do things like this

As you can see, it’s not for everybody, and that’s on purpose. It’s designed for and devoted to tech-entrepreneurs-on-a-mission. People like us, who want to create change that matters.

I hear you thinking: 'Where would I find the time...'. I challenge you to think again. Sure saying 'No' is a good thing when setting goals, throwing off the unnecessary so you can focus on achieving it. Saying 'No' will help you get things accomplished in the short term, to meet a deadline or target, but it won't find you the breakthrough 'aha!', your next big thing,  idea or approach to unlock the remarkable effect inside your business. For that, you need to say 'Yes'.

'Yes' to dip into the knowledge and expertise of like-minded peers.

'Yes' to get help you can't get that from subordinates, only from peers

'Yes' to creating a new habit or trying new ways of working.

'Yes' to be inspired to reach higher

'Yes' to be challenged to think harder 

'Yes' to be guided to where you need to be.

This tribe is for you for the reasons I’ve mentioned above, irrespective of the funding or scale stage you're in. It's for you when you are at a crossroad, when you are getting impatient with progress, frustrated with the fact your hard work doesn't pay off in momentum. 

But also, if you believe the number of people that understand you are harder and harder to find. When you believe your business is undervalued and want to prove the opposite. 

If this sounds like you, I invite you to apply.

You are one step away from becoming a totally different software business. Make 2020 the year where you’ve firmly put momentum behind your software mission. Momentum you’re proud of.

Ps: If you are not sure yet and want to first understand how your business actually scores on the 5-star Remarkable Index, simply do the test:

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