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Tech-Entrepreneurs-on-a-mission Tribe

About the Tribe

"I have grown more in this Tribe than in so many other expensive investments at conferences, or tradeshows, etc."
- Cindy Gordon, CEO Saleschoice 

The tribe is a year-round, interactive, online workstream for business software change-makers i.e. founders and CEOs who want to create a meaningful impact, level up, and lead. 

Our belief:

This is how the program is delivered:

Through weekly mastermind sessions where we address specific challenges together and remove the barriers that hold you back

Through 1-on-1 mentoring where you can discuss private and sensitive matters and work on solutions in a trusted setting.

Through exclusive private groups to brainstorm and discuss your challenges with your like-minded peers in a safe and confidential environment.

This Tribe is my go-to weekly session. The real-time questions, ideas and feedback you get from entrepreneurs who have faced similar or bigger challenges recently, makes these discussions really fruitful and actionable.

Mayank Mathur, CEO Avasa

Who’s eligible to join?

This is for you if you are a founder or CEO running a B2B Software business with a market-tested product i.e. paying customers.

You embrace an infinite mindset and are eager to join a group of change-makers that define their success by the impact they help their customers create.

(Note: To get maximum value from the tribe and its cohorts you're revenue ideally sits within the $1M and $25M ARR bracket.)

Why bother?

Because if you have read this far you’re probably done with running yet another commodity software business.

The tech-entrepreneur-on-a-mission tribe is here to help you deliver the vision behind your software company with more impact and empower you to accelerate its growth trajectory.

Joining means:

  • Ending the era of 'not being seen, heard or understood'
  • Eliminating the need to compete on price
  • Freeing yourself from the bias and blind spots that hold you and your business back

You'll be part of a community of like-minded people that impacts the lives of millions of people with truly remarkable software.



Riaz Kanani, CEO of Radiate B2B

Creating software businesses worth making a remark about..


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How is the program different to help me make a difference?

It's structured to close the gap on the 10 traits of a remarkable software business, so you become one yourself.

Organized around Monthly themes and weekly challenges dedicated to solving the challenges of B2B software businesses together with peers

It's all designed to explore new paths and formulate better strategies to accelerate your trajectory.

Peer feedback led - People with different experiences will help you short-cut mistakes, remove your blind-spots, sharpen your thinking

In short: You’ll level up together with like-minded peers and make big steps forward together to advance your cause.


Cindy Gordon - CEO Saleschoice

The Experience of The Tribe program

Joining The Tribe program you will immerse yourself in an experience centered around a weekly one-hour mastermind call with peer CEOs.

The program has been designed to guide you on your journey to become and remain a remarkable software business.

Here’s how it works:

Every month we have a different theme inspired by the 10 traits that define a Remarkable Software company.

Every week explore the theme from a different perspective. This is on purpose because it forces every one of us to get out of our comfort zone.

Here’s the flow of weekly experiences and how you’ll benefit from it:

The result – step by step, week by week you’ll be able to shape the impact of your software business around the 10 trait framework. Week after week you’ll be making steps forward – resulting in growing the momentum of your business across development, marketing, and sales.

Personally, you’ll level up together with like-minded peers. People who get you, who understand your challenges, who will challenge you and not let you hide because they want you to succeed. People who are on a journey as well to leave a legacy and create a meaningful impact. People with whom you’ll build brain trust, and possibly a positive relationship for life

How your peers experience The Tribe

This Tribe is my go-to weekly session. The real-time questions, ideas and feedback you get from entrepreneurs who have faced similar or bigger challenges recently, makes these discussions really fruitful and actionable. I’d highly recommend all entrepreneurs to participate in these sessions and benefit from Ton’s experience as well as the community’s inquisitiveness and its ability to level-up your thought process!

Mayank Mathur, CEO Avasa AI


Hew Leith - Founder and CEO Atomley

Regularly engaging in generous feedback, both giving and getting, with a group of diverse but uniformly smart peers has been invaluable. I have gotten help making very actionable decisions. You can't get that from subordinates, only peers. Ton's leadership on this has been excellent.

Jon Ruby, CEO Jonar

It's all about the journey

We unite tech-entrepreneurs from around the world to define together what it means to be REMARKABLE in business software in 2021.


Come and join us

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