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Let's define together what it means to be remarkable in Business Software in 2020

Today’s software companies often struggle to stand out in a crowded and noisy market of sales pitches, value promises and technology visions. 

The result: They’re challenged to build momentum, experience low win-rates, high discounts, and consequently feel negative pressure on both top- and bottom line. In short: They feel stuck in a frustrating vicious cycle.

But there’s a way to change that: Transform from ‘being stuck’ to ‘being remarkable’,i.e. be worth making a remark about.


Let's look at the definition of Remarkable: Notably or conspicuously unusual; extraordinary. Worthy of notice or attention

Remarkable is a more than a word. It’s a vision. It’s the art to create meaningful impact to prospects and customers.
When your software company is ‘worth making a remark about’ something special is happening – and this can become your tipping point. Isn’t that what we all strive for?

However, something puzzled me. If this the case, why are there still so many companies that do the opposite? Wouldn’t it be much easier, fun, and rewarding to build, market and sell products in a way that people say ‘Wow, I wish I’d known about this earlier on!”

That's why I created this tribe. To bring together like-minded people. To enable new connections. To share ideas, experiences, and challenges.
With that, we can all be remarkable in the markets we serve.

So, if this inspires you and/or if you believe you have something to contribute, welcome to the tribe!

Ton Dobbe

Chief Inspiration Officer
Value Inspiration

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