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What characterizes people that join the tribe?

Joining The Tribe you will immerse yourself in an experience with people like you:


  • B2B SaaS professionals who seek to create meaningful change across Marketing, Sales, Product Strategy,...
  • People like you, who are on a mission to help their customers solve a valuable problem as well.
  • People who measure success by the impact they have on customer relationships. 
  • Who are determined to shape a business that their customers would miss them if it were gone.

People who struggle with these problems:

  • How difficult it is to grow.
  • How hard it is to stand out. 
  • How challenging it is to be seen, heard, and understood. 
  • Who get frustrated with lengthy sales cycles, poor win rates, and too low deal values. 
  • Who feel their business is undervalued 

People who joined for similar reasons:

  • Realizing that being amongst peers, they are stronger. 
  • Knowing they get the kind of feedback they can't get from subordinates. 
  • Valuing having their blind-spots removed, exploring new paths, sharpening their thinking, and leveling up together to deliver the change they seek to make, with more impact.

People like...

  • Jon Ruby, CEO of Jonar - who’s on a mission to give Small Businesses an advantage over giants
  • Scott Sandland, CEO of Cyrano AI - who’s on a mission to end teen-suicide
  • Marieke de Ruyter de Wildt, CEO of The New Fork - who’s on a mission to achieve global food integrity
  • Michel Valstar, CEO of BlueSkeye AI - who’s on a mission to improve the understanding of health and wellbeing of all of us
  • Cindy Gordon, CEO of SalesChoice AI - who’s on a mission to end revenue uncertainty
  • Quintus Willemse, CEO of Share Council - who’s on a mission creating a true, financially, stable society by ending the extreme capital divide we live in today
  • Cormac O’Neill, CEO of Webio - who’s on a mission to remove stress and anxiety from difficult conversations about money by rebalancing the credit and collections eco-system.

It's all about the journey

We unite tech-entrepreneurs from around the world to define together what it means to be REMARKABLE in business software.