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Introducing Tech-Entrepreneurs-on-a-Mission Tribe

Tech-Entrepreneurs-on-a-mission Tribe

What is this tribe all about?

We unite tech-entrepreneurs from around the world to define together what it means to be REMARKABLE in business software in 2020

Why bother?

Because doing so we can each deliver the vision behind our software business with more impact and accelerate our growth trajectory.


We’ve created a structured program around the 10 traits that define a remarkable software business (Read The Remarkable Effect)


Who’s it for?

  • You’re a founder or CEO running a B2B Software business
  • You’re a change-maker and define your success by the impact you help your customers create
  • You have a market-tested product i.e. paying customers

What problems are we solving together?

  • The struggle your software business is not being seen, heard or understood in your category.
  • The challenge of too long sales cycles, poor win-rates, and low deal values.
  • The head-aches around creating and keeping momentum.

How is the program different
to help me make a difference?

  • It's structured to close the gap on the 10 traits of a remarkable software business, so you become one yourself.
  • Organized around Monthly themes and weekly challenges dedicated to solving the challenges of B2B software businesses together with peers 
  • It's all designed to explore new paths and formulate better strategies to accelerate your trajectory.
  • Peer feedback led - People with different experiences will help you short-cut mistakes, remove your blind-spots, sharpen your thinking  

In short: You’ll level up together with like-minded peers and make big steps forward together to advance your cause.

What options do I have to join?

When you join you get access to the community and all the discussions that are going on. As with everything, the more you put in, the more you get out. We level up by doing, not by looking. The time you put in will return value in multiples. 

That's why there are two streams: The Community stream and The Tribe stream. 

The Community stream gets you involved and inspired and allows you to explore new ideas at your leisure.

The Tribe stream is for the committed amongst you. For those that want to level up and leverag the power of like-minded peers to accelerate the impact you can make. This stream is organized around a programmatic framework that will guide you step by step to stand out in your category - so you become that software business your customers just keep talking about.

How your peers experience The Tribe stream

Ton is a force you can count on to awaken your leadership potential. His collaborative DNA helps you inspire you more,  reach higher, and constantly challenges you to think harder and harder. Guiding you to where you are and where you need to be.
I have grown more in this Tribe than in so many other expensive investments at conferences, or tradeshows, etc.

Cindy Gordon - CEO Saleschoice

Regularly engaging in generous feedback, both giving and getting, with a group of diverse but uniformly smart peers has been invaluable. I have gotten help making very actionable decisions. You can't get that from subordinates, only peers. Ton's leadership on this has been excellent.

Jon Ruby, CEO Jonar

This Tribe is my go-to weekly session. The real-time questions, ideas and feedback you get from entrepreneurs who have faced similar or bigger challenges recently, makes these discussions really fruitful and actionable. 

I’d highly recommend all entrepreneurs to participate in these sessions and benefit from Ton’s experience as well as the community’s inquisitiveness and its ability to level-up your thought process!

Mayank Mathur, CEO Avasa AI

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